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Welcome to Independent Model escorts in India, I am Jennifer Fernandis, I am from Chennai and Working in Pune, We are a group of models working together in different cities across India. We are all Independent escorts from different cities Like Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Pune, Goa, Delhi, Chennai, and we are neither employees under any model company nor working under any person. All of our Independent escorts, and the model escorts taught of starting things of our own where we don’t introduce our self as Independent escorts, however what we do right now is with the help of this site We welcome clients from different cities to call our Tele- caller and Book a Date with an escort, where we not only Visit the client and accept the date in the city but also Travel with the client to different cities as there girlfriend or friend. Let me tell you in short about how things work in different cities.

Ahmedabad Escorts : ***Call only after you have checked in to a star hotel***
As you should know that Ahmedabad is a capital of Gujarat, as a survey done by India today in Ahmedabad that 69 per cent of the men in the city say they are very happy with their sex lives, and 59 per cent say oral sex is very important for them-the highest figures in the country. The survey also shows that 88 per cent of the Ahmedabadi men make sure their partner has an orgasm. to 

So based on this we planned that rather than working as a independent call girls in Chennai, and spoil our name and the city we taught of calling all the Ahmedabad escorts and the Ahmedabad escorts and tried working out things where they got their income and they also work as and Ahmedabad escorts where this profile are dated by clients of Ahmedabad and this profile do not loose there respect. To know more about the Ahmedabad escorts and how to date them…….

Chandigarh escorts***Call only after you have checked in to a star hotel***
As you know that Chandigarh is the capitol of Punjab and Haryana, It is called the cleanest city of India, Chandigarh is the first planned city of Indian too and is known internationally for its architecture and urban design.  The weather in Chandigarh is cool and that’s the reason you will find IT companies, As I have found that where city,Chennai Escort Weather and IT companies are hand in hand Escorts also play a major role because after a hard day’s work or you need your wife or Girlfriend to pamper you or take care of you……….

Chennai escorts ***Call only after you have checked in to a star hotel***
As Chennai being my Home city so what ever i say is less, Its a beautiful city with sea around and its been a good place for IT industry, the only negative thing about Chennai its too hot if north is cold then the other pole has to be hot. However here in Chennai we have Chennai escorts who not only Meets you in Chennai for date but also travels all over India.
All the Chennai escorts are beautiful female from high society and the Models who are know are Chennai escorts only accept Date from Clients from different cities but will not accept any date booked by a local person of Chennai, how ever the Chennai escorts will accept date given by an local person of Chennai………

Goa escorts***Call only after you have checked in to a star hotel***
When ever a person hears the name Goa he or she always have a taught that as it is a tourist place so it would be expensive, but no if you plan to stay in Goa you can stay with at a reasonable cost. Here we found few call girls in Chennai who are from Goa itself rest were from other cities. As Goa night life is known to everyone, to date an escort in Goa is common, here you will find different Goa escorts from different part of the world……

Mumbai escorts***Call only after you have checked in to a star hotel***
Mumbai is a city where if you use your brains you can find yourself a  millionaire and if not then  you would an average person. life in Mumbai is so fast that I was not able to manage so moved away but I have seen very few people left Mumbai after settle around. Here I found Mumbai escorts working under company, Now we have Mumbai escorts whom you can date and they work on there own. Mumbai escorts are famous for their loyalty and their company………

Pune escorts***Call only after you have checked in to a star hotel***
As I am staying in Pune I have lots to tell about Pune, one best thing in Pune is climate, and over here it is awesome specially this season till February. and In Pune people love to Date a girl as this also being an IT hub but there are many people who are not lucky so they intend to date  pune escorts because they find the girlfriend experience over here. all our pune escorts are educated and know how to carry them self so they can join you to a disco, or for dinner……….